Man and Machine


Behind every medal, podium, and athlete are the individuals ensuring the nation’s athletes never have to worry about their gear.

The mechanic is an integral part in carrying Team USA to global and Olympic victory. If you’ve wrenched before, come hone your skills at a USAC Mechanic’s Clinic and give yourself a lifetime of opportunity! Our mechanics have gone off to work with Team USA at World and Olympic events, for professional teams and industry leaders, and greatly increased the demand for their services. 

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How to become a licensed mechanic

The Mechanics Program is designed to provide the next generation of race mechanics with the tools necessary for optimal rider support by offering education and top-tier race support opportunities.

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The Bill Woodul Race Mechanics Clinic

The Bill Woodul Race Mechanic Clinic is the required clinic for mechanics to receive a Category 4 USAC Race Mechanic License. The clinics are led by world-class race mechanics with national and international experience. Topics cover the breadth of mechanics' responsibilities supporting bicycle racing.

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