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Becoming an official allows you to be a critical part of USA Cycling events all across the country. You'll become a key player in USA Cycling events, allowing USA Cycling’s members to pursue their passion of riding, racing and achievement of their cycling goals. As a USA Cycling Official, you’ll learn to assist a team of officials and manage an event with event organizers. You'll progress towards leading teams of officials through increased practice and training. 

Delivering fun, safe, equitable and measured racing is our drive and passion. Fun-for all of us. Safe-for all of us; for our members on and off the bike at events.  Equitable-for all of us; ruling on regulations and riding conduct makes our sport understandable, predictable and fair. Measured-for all of us; accurate results, timing and placings create development and growth for our members and your officiating career. 

You can aspire to work at locally, regionally or nationally.  Perhaps you’ll even aspire to take that experience to become a part of the international world of cycling officials. Whether working as an official at a local event, the National Championships, the Tour de France or the World Championships, your path starts here. 

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