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Tayler Wiles

Elite Women's National Team Member, Tokyo 2020 Olympic Long Team Member

D.O.B July 20, 1989
Hometown Murray, Utah
School University of Utah, Chemistry
Residence Fairfax, California
Pro Teams Peanut Butter & Co. TWENTY12 (2011); Exergy TWENTY12 (2012); Specialized Lululemon (2013-2014); Velocio-SRAM (2015); Orica-AIS (2016); UnitedHealthcare (2017); Trek Drops (2018); Trek Segafredo (2019-Present)

Meet the Athlete

Tayler grew up in Utah always having big dreams. She always wanted to be something or do something important, something challenging, something big! That road led her to cycling. She started college with dreams of going to medical school. Her background was in competitive soccer, but she knew once she started college she would be focusing on academics. She was certain she would make a great cardiothoracic surgeon and spent every hour studying in the library. At that time, she realized she needed an escape and she met Matt Bradley. Matt was an activist, an educator, a writer, folklorist, and a cyclist. He taught Tayler so many things in life, one of which was the power of a bike ride. Matt passed away in March of 2012, and Tayler thanks him every time she gets on a bike for sharing his passion not only for the bike, but for life. Tayler then started her professional career in 2011 as an all-around rider specializing in time trials. In 2016, she made the Olympic long-team will her sights set on the Tokyo 2020 Olympic team.

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